Thursday, December 10, 2015

ADMEC Multimedia Institute Scholarship Program

The ADMEC Multimedia Institute scholarship program aims to select and trained talented non working female, married woman and non married man who wish to develop their career in web design, web development, animation, graphic design and AutoCAD etc. This program is helpful for those students who are committed to make their career in IT industry and animation industry.

The ADMEC Scholarship Program is better than simple Scholarship Program in traditional sense because it gives you direct financial help when you need it. This program is best suitable program for those candidates who are really not economically strong.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute always encourages discount to the prospective candidates through various scholarship schemes.

1. Non Working Female fee waiver:
We provide 20% discount for all the non working female on all the courses. No test and interview required to avail this scheme. It is good for any age group females from any location of the India.
Note: This scheme is not for international students.
2. Meritorious Candidates fee waiver:
In this scheme, we provide financial aid to all the Meritorious Candidates according to their marks obtained in the matriculation or intermediate class which one is higher. The rules are mentioned below:

a. 60-69%( class:10th or 12th)-------10% waiver on fee
b. 70-79%( class:10th or 12th)-------15% waiver on fee
c. 80-89%( class:10th or 12th)-------20% waiver on fee*
d. 90%+( class:10th or 12th)---------50% waiver on fee*
*: Need to go through a test and an interview.

Our aim is to choose bright and talented students through this scheme to nourish them for the multi-billion multimedia and animation industry. The main purpose to organize test and interview is to analyze students IQ, presence of mind, general awareness, and creative approach.

I. Institute doesn't announce result in public of such tests and interviews as selection and rejection completely based on the institute management.
II. If student who have more than 80% marks not want to face interview or qualify test, yet that student would be eligible for 15% discount.

3. Entrance Test Fee Waiver up to 75%
At ADMEC Multimedia Institute we also organize entrance tests in which we provide up to 75% fee waiver on all the courses to selected students, who qualify in entrance exam. The selected students can only attend our weekends classes.
  1. This entrance test is organized for those students who have just completed their qualifications like: (10th, 12th, Diploma, Polytechnic, Any Bachelor Degree such as B.A, B.Com, B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, MCA) etc.
  1. This scheme is not for working professionals, business men, and self employed persons. Only 'Female First' scheme can be taken by females only.
    How to Apply: To apply in any of the scheme you need to contact our course counselor at +91-9811-8181-22 or +91-9911-7823-50 or write us at For more info please visit our website You can also visit our scholarship scheme page. 

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