Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bring Your Video or Film Concepts to Life with Creative Post Production Institute

It has never been easier task to shoot a video than in the present scenario. Most people nowadays shooting instantly with the help of smartphones and then upload their videos online as soon as they stop filming. While it’s great that people can use video to share their lives so quickly and easily, there is a vast difference between a fast, casual clip and a high-quality, well-produced video. What many people don’t realize is most of the work of creating a great video happens after shooting is done with video editing and sound mixing during post production.

Post production is the part of the video production process where the actual work happens. This is where all the pieces of the production come together to create the finished product. 
Importance of Post Production
The best videos and films make it look easy and attractive. But the one-piece quality of a great video doesn’t happen without a lot of cautious work, much of which happens after the cameras are done rolling. Because people prefer watching so many videos these days, a poorly edited video stands out quickly from the good ones. Bad editing choices, such as awkward cuts, stilted timing or bad quality of music clips, can distract the viewer from the message that needs to be conveyed. This means the video is not conveying the message in a right manner for which it has been created. A good video production is an investment in success.

Role of a Post Production Institute
The best way to update/learn latest technologies and concepts of post-production is by joining the best post production institute. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the prestigious post production institute which provides real time and job oriented training in Delhi. They include basic to advanced level courses like Post Production Master, Final Cut Studio Master, Final Cut ProX, Post Production Premium, Apple Motion etc, is designed to get the placement in good animation studios in after completion of post-production courses. These short term and long term courses are carefully designed to train the students well in the fundamentals and technical skills to become an outstanding VFX artist. 
Why ADMEC Multimedia Institute?
  • Provides online as well as classroom training
  • Industry experienced trainers
  • High-end Practical Training
  • Flexible Training Modes
  • More than 3000+ students trained
  • Excellent Lab Facility
  • 100% Job Placement Record
Editing is an art which takes the time to learn, and vigorous practice can make anyone a professional from a novice. The first step is to decide what message you want to convey and focus on how to convey it to the audience. The best way to improvise is to always take the feedback for your editing work from experienced professionals to learn how to improve.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pros and Cons of the Google Sketchup Software

Sketch Up is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering.

It was developed initially last software in 2000.They were acquired by google in 2006 and the first free version of this software Google sketch up (GSU) was released on 27 April.

Google sketch up consists of various editing tools that are used for designing any area, house, apartment, or any other place interior as well as exterior view.

Google Sketch Up allows users to “play” around with their designs which are difficult in 3D CAD programs. You can easily generate a quick 3D model in the program to explain your ideas.

Google Sketch Up allows users to “play” around with their designs which are difficult in 3D max programs. You can easily generate a quick 3D model in the program to explain your ideas. It provides new possibilities and opportunities for people who have difficulties in sketching drawings. With Google Sketch Up it is possible to sketch a quick drawing on paper and translate it into a 3D model very quickly.

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Time saving
  3. Easy to access as compare to other Auto Desk program like auto cad ,3d max.
  4. All editing tools are available in menu bar that are easy to use in projects
  5. 3d warehouse is available in sketch up ,from their you can download various ready made models which can be directly imported into the projects
  6. There are more than 1lakh models available in warehouse option
  7. It is very simple to use. It has a great user interface and can allow the user to draw many object
  8. Animated clip or walk through can be created using camera in sketch up
  9. lighting effect can be given to room or building
It is not professional and won't allow you to really customize your sketches, it is only limited in design.

 Most Important Google Sketchup Tools and their Uses:

Tool Name
Shortcut Key
This tool is used to draw 2 dimensional object by giving its length and width,and height after base dimensions
It is used to create table,mirror ,wall painting ,clock and many more objects can be created using circle in interior as well as exterior

This tool is used to draw any object randomly without any dimensions


Select tool is used to identify command and move accordingly
Component tool is uses to select different objects and then make changes in that object at same tim e in all selected objects


This tool is used to draw freehand curved line as needed
This command is used to erase extra lines or delete thet line
This command is used to draw arc using 2 points and the amount of bend you want to give
This command is used to move object from one place to other
This command is used to give height and depth or thickness to the object
This commansd is used to rotate any object at particular required angle e.g 123 degree
This command is used to increase and decrease size of any object

This command is used to make line or and object copy equally from all sides e.g outside rectangle of 10',10' and offset of same rectangle is take 4.5 then 2 rectangles are created at distance of 4.5
This command is used to measure dimensions of an object

This command is used to mark and write dimension on the object

This command is used to measure angle

This command is used to write description about object and text related to particular object

This object is used to move object according to axes and direction to see all faces of object

This command is used towrite 3d text with varioud text modifying options like different font style,text size etc
This command is used to move axes using scrooll wheel by pressing it

This command is used to pan or focus the camera

This command is used to zoom particular model

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Importance of a Graphic and Web Development Courses for the Modern Generation in Digital India

The widespread growth of internet marketing has opened various doors for individuals. The establishment of social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have ensured the global adoption of technology. Today, modern generation grew up with digital technology. Thus, the internet, video games and other forms of technology have played major roles in shaping their lifestyles.
Considering that digital technology and the internet have been integrated and infused into the daily lives of modern generation have made them interested in knowing technologies used in Graphic and Web Industry.  
Importance of Graphic Design in Website Development
There are many important factors that determine the development of a good website like graphic design. It is an integral part of web development. Graphic design helps the website to look striking and makes a lasting impression on the visitors to spend more time on the website. With the help of latest application like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. every design is achievable and can be made as per clients need.
  • The use of images and videos on the website are extremely vital as the messages delivered through videos spread like a wildfire and it does also help with viral marketing.
  • The usage of different font styles assists the marketers to attract the eye of the visitor and can leave an impact on the minds of the customers.
  • The use of the color and size of the fonts plays an important role. Graphic designers design the words in a different style and color to deliver a direct message.
  • One needs to be careful with the magnitude of graphics and the size of images and videos. If the size of the images or the videos is enormous then it uploading time will be more which can be frustrating for the visitors which will make them move to a different website.
Graphic Design and Web Development Courses
A great graphic designer could bring zeal factor to the brand name. If companies like Google, Nike etc did not have an unbelievable graphic designer, they would not have eye-catching logo designs. The need for an outstanding graphic designer will certainly constantly be high due to the fact that every brand name desires creative skills in their team. So, graphic design courses from a professional graphic design institute are need of an hour which can guide an individual to mark their career in the field of graphic industry.
 Web development plays an important role in creation of dynamic and interactive websites with the help of technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal etc. The best way to learn web development courses through professional web development institute which includes basic to advance level concepts to give thorough knowledge with latest features.
  • There are no pre-requisites required to join these courses. Any 10+2 passouts, college student or working professional can enroll.
Graphic Design and Web Development are one of the booming and high paying career options in the world today. The demand for graphic designers and web developer has increased due to fast-paced expansions in the sectors like advertisements, the entertainment industry, gaming etc. A professional training can play an important role for attaining the technical skills required for this field.
ADMEC Multimedia is one of the best graphic design and web development institute imparting professional training through various diploma and certificate courses like Graphic Master Plus, Graphic Master, Graphic Premium, Graphic Standard, Web Master Plus, Web Master, Web Development Master Course, PHP Master Course, C language Course, Core Java Course etc. To know more our courses and a free demo, contact us at or call +91 (0) 981 181 8122.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Challenging Courses For Students that Will Aid Career in Animation and Multimedia

Animation is the process of drawing and planning sequences of still photographs which are integrated in the multimedia and gaming products. A person who creates animations is called animator. An animator will use various computer technologies to capture the still images and then will animate them in desired sequence.

Multimedia is the term used to represent combination of visual and audio materials gathered from various resources. It can be sets of texts, graphic arts, sounds, animations and videos. 
Career in Animation and Multimedia is a new trending career for the creative people. It is a combination of creativity and technologies. Moving images are created in 2D and 3D to entertain viewers and users. 
What are the technical skills needed in animation?
An individual should possess good understanding of drawing fundamentals and color theory concepts. In order to give life to the creative ideas, animators must utilize the perfect combination of practical skills and various software to flourish in this field.

To sharpen the technical skills, students should choose an institute which provides training on cutting-edge software such as Adobe Flash, 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro etc.

Scope of Animation and Multimedia

Animation is used in various sectors like IT and entertainment industry. It has contributed much to the development of attractive multimedia and graphic images used in movies, cartoons etc. Individuals with good drawing skills and creative thinking can build up a great career in animation and multimedia. 
They can work as:
  • Animator
  • Graphic designer
  • Video editor,
  • 3D modelers
  • Character animators
  • Layout Artist
  • Rigging Professional
  • Rendering Artist
  • Digital Ink and Paint Professional
Best Animation Institute To Learn:

ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the best animation and multimedia centre in India. With more than 3000 students taught and successfully placed, one of the leading 3D animation institute in Delhi, providing various diploma and certificate courses like Animation Master, Animation Standard, Autodesk Maya Master, Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Multimedia Master, Multimedia Standard, Advertising Design in animation and multimedia. ADMEC offers training in both classroom and online training modes. 
Career Options

There are numerous animation houses both in India and abroad who work for clients. Apart from working in these animation houses, an animator and multimedia professional can also work as a freelancer.
Work opportunities for skilled animation and multimedia professionals exists in following sectors in great amount-
  • Advertising
  • Online and Print News Media
  • Film and Television
  • Cartoon production
  • Video Gaming
  • E-learning
Opportunities exists both with government as well as private sector companies.

India’s animation entertainment sector has experienced a major boom in the recent past, employing over 80,000 professionals, and the current market size is estimated at US$ 247 million and expected to grow at 15-20% per annum. According to the latest report by NASSCOM the animation industry in India will grow at 22 percent every year.

Many animation studios and production houses in the country are packed with work both outsourced from abroad and in-house projects. This is the main reason why the animation industry faces a talent crunch. Trained and talented animation and multimedia professionals are the need of the hour.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Graphic Design Institute: A well-known Graphic Application Institute

Graphic Design Institute (GDI) is one of India's leading Graphic Design Institute located in Delhi. GDI is known for its professional training, its infrastructure and faculties from the renowned industry who train students as per the requirements in the industry. Our course curriculum is up-to-date as per latest trends in the industry. The institute has applied a novel training style and is focused entirely on creating a stimulating environment for the students.
Graphic design is the art of uniting text, pictures, and ideas which can be used in advertisements, publication point of view. GDI courses will focus on the principals of art and design, fundamentals of graphic design, the role of colors, typography concepts, logo designing, packaging design and much more. The industry integrated training helps individuals to use it as a stepping stone for their careers.

Courses Offered:

The Graphic Design courses will give students an overview of industry-oriented concepts and hands-on experience in design planning, layout designing and its implementation in the creative sphere which will enhance the skills in creative graphic designing and will help in developing out-of-the-box designs. GDI offers customized training offers basic to advanced level courses short term courses in graphic as well as diploma courses in graphic design.
  • Graphic Design Master Course
  • Graphic Design Standard Course
  • Advertising Design Course
  • Layout Artist Essentials
  • Graphic Master Plus Course
  • Graphic Design Premium Course
  • CorelDraw Course
  • Photoshop Course
  • Illustrator Course
  • InDesign Course
  • QuarkXPress Course

Why Us:
  • Offers both online and classroom training
  • Job oriented training by industry experts
  • Hostel facility for Outstation students
  • Well-equipped labs with the latest software and unlimited accessibility of labs
  • Sketching classes and outdoor sessions are conducted
  • Participation in various design and quiz competitions
  • Seminars, workshops by industry experts on regular intervals
  • A well-planned laid out evaluation procedure ensures the students’ acceptability as notable professionals in the industry.
  • GDI’s placement cell provides 100% job placement assistance to all students.
Job Prospects:
Currently, the demand for graphic designers job in India is very high and it is only set to go up in the future. “At least 40 % of communications that a company does with its customers is visual. Every product first needs to sell visually first before a buyer choose to buy it. Most of the business including media houses, publishing firms, FMCG sector, retail industry, software sector need creative designers. 
There is a massive growth potential of graphic design positions in the future, both as part-time freelancers and full-time positions for those who are interested in working for various firms on a long-term basis. 
They can have different job profiles as mentioned below:
  • Creative director
  • Art director
  • Visualizer
  • Brand identity developer
  • Communication designer
  • Layout designer
  • Illustrator
Although computer designing applications play a vital role in modern design media and industry yet your knowledge of sketching, drawing along with grammar of visual art are considered even more important things for better designs.

Diploma and Certificate Courses in Animation in India

Nowadays every sector like films, television, medical, aviation, advertising, automobile, interior, education is incorporating animation into the product development creative cycles. It is all about adding soul to a character by using computer graphics, digital arts, and graphically designed videos.

A career in animation is exceptional as it brings art and computer technologies together. As the need for animation is about to grow in the upcoming future, animation artists can gain a variety of job opportunities at various studios in India and abroad.

Skill set required for Animators:

The animation is a creative field of work. Being a computer expert surely helps animators as computer skills and professional training are important to handle animation and multimedia software like Maya, 3Ds Max, Adobe After Effects etc. It requires creative thinking along with an aesthetics sense for art and design. Visualization skills help animators as work involves texturing, rigging, rendering, lighting and shadow details.

Prior knowledge of Graphic Design tools or Visual Communication Design is beneficial. Students who have passed out from school are eligible for a diploma or a bachelor's degree courses in Animation and Multimedia. Some institutes also offer certificate courses. 
Some of the Institutes take entrance exams to test a student's perception, aptitude skills, and motivation required for a challenging and satisfying design career.

Long term and Short Term Courses:

Various animation institutes in Delhi offer long terms and short term courses. Short term courses help those who already have some basic knowledge and want to enhance their skills. Short term courses are good for an entry level job in animation in areas like Digital Design, 3D Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, and Lighting or Compositing. Long term courses have better scope than short term courses if you want to make a serious career, as it will cover in-depth concepts.

ADMEC offers short term and long term courses focus on collaborative, practical approach based learning designed to give every student an exclusive competitive edge in the animation industry which includes:
  • Overview of Art, Design, and Visualization
  • Computer Graphics
  • Making Illustrations
  • Audio and Video Editing
  • Advanced 2D and 3D Animation
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Modeling and Texturing,
  • Lighting and Rendering,
  • Rigging
  • Compositing
  • VFX.
Career opportunities:
Entertainment industry offers opportunities to animators in film and television industry, advertisement agencies, designing firms, multimedia companies, animation studios, video and computer game industry. Animators are in high demand for enhancing the organizations’ business presentations, proposals and demos, for tutorials and presentations in educational institutions, fashion and interior designing industry, medical, and health industry. 
Nature of work:
  • Creating an animation consists of the development of the idea, pre-production, production, and post-production.
  • The characters and storyline are created in the idea development stage. In pre-production, the characters are modeled and storyboard layouts are planned. Scriptwriting, storyboarding, character development, backgrounds, layout designing, animatic, and voice comes under pre-production.
  • The actual output of the story can be visualized in the production stage which is a combination of animation, tweening, scanning, background preparation and coloring.
  • Post-production stage activities comprise of editing, special effects (FX), color correction, compositing, voice and music editing and rendering. Rendering gives the final touches to an animation scene, in which the data is converted to a raster image.
Diploma and Certificate Courses in animation and multimedia is aimed to make animation experts through a systematic training that covers a wide range of subjects which includes Art and Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Pre-production, Post Production techniques as per industry standards. The program enables students to attain expertise in creating a complete animated content from concept to production.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Video Editing Institute: A well-known Institute for Video Editing Application

Video Editing Institute(VEI) is a sister concern of ADMEC Multimedia Institute located in North Delhi, a well-established name in the animation and multimedia industry. VEI offers various video editing courses and known for imparting training in audio-video editing and film making. Its mission is to bring out creative editors from aspirants and professional who want to make a mark in this field. 
If you want to create a video of your own, then video editing part plays an important role in processing and finalizing a video movie. The art of video editing can be used in film making, wedding videos, studios and much more. It is in the hands of video editor to make the final decision about what is essential and what is not while making the film. It gives the power to control the rhythm and pace of a movie. The career in video editing is growing swiftly which has given rise to huge demand for video editors in the production houses.

Courses Offered:

VEI’s course curriculum is designed after intense research and in discussion with the industry experts and as per the latest industry trends. VEI offers specialized training offers cutting-edge and advanced courses like Adobe Premiere Pro, Advanced Photography Course, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop Master Course, Wedding Videography Course etc. will acquaint students with all the desired skills required to work with digital editing software.

Why Us:
  • Offers both classroom and online training.
  • Wide range of courses
  • Offers most wide-ranging, explicit experience which empowers the students to develop their creative skills to the full extent
  • Students are trained professional mentors in a unique way so that they can think what part of the movie should be included or excluded with ease.
  • Students will be trained in basic to advance level concepts which are desirable for film and televisions
  • Hands on experience on Live projects and practical training using modern tools and techniques
  • Assistance in Student Portfolio Development which showcases students projects
Job Prospects:
  • Apart from media houses, big film studios, news channel groups, an individual can also find wide-ranging opportunities in various production houses distributed across the country.
With the increased popularity of online video clips has also given rise to a large number of job opportunities for skilled video editors.

Non-linear editing or Digital Video Editing is one of the lucrative careers in today’s digital world. With Indian cinema and entertainment industry crossing all topographical boundaries and has emerged as a profitable option for all individuals who wants to have a stable career. Video Editing Courses from professional VEI will help individuals understand the latest techniques and application used in the video editing.